Our Story

I'm Victor, the founder of The Cat Butler. My life changed in October 2020, when I adopted two Ragdoll Cats Teemo and Arya.

When shopping for cat furniture, I quickly realized most products had minimal design and used the cheapest materials available. I started The Cat Butler because I knew we could do better. The Cat Butler is a cat-first brand that focuses on modern design and quality.

Exceptional Quality


Most of the products are sourced from artisans in Europe such as Italy, Germany, and Poland. We ensure innovative design, attention to detail, and first class materials.


Cat Education

Not only does The Cat Butler offer modern cat furniture for your cats, but also education on how to take care of them. When I first became a cat owner it was hard to find information in one central place to care for my cats.

So I started The Cat Butler YouTube channel to help people become the best cat owner.

Informative articles to keep your cat happy and healthy

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