Our Story

Only the Best for your cat

Our Story

I'm Victor, the founder of The Cat Butler. My life changed in October 2020, when I adopted two Ragdoll Cats Teemo and Arya. As a young cat dad I struggled to find quality cat products for my cats. I felt the pet industry overlooked and undervalued cats. Most cat furniture, toys, or bowls were made with cheap materials. While, at big box stores the selection for cat products were limited.

So I decided to start a store for cat people because I thought we could do better. A store that would carry the best quality products for our cats.

made with the best materials

Focus on Quality

The bar for the products in this store is very high. We want your cat to have cat furniture made with the best materials so it will last a long time or eco friendly cat litter that does everything well: low tracking, low dust, great odor control, and easy to clean.

We want to provide the best in class experience for you and your cat. If we can do anything better, we would love to hear from you.

cat cave
Teemo and Arya


Cat Education

Not only does The Cat Butler offer modern cat furniture for your cats, but also education on how to take care of them. When I first became a cat owner it was hard to find information in one central place to care for my cats.

So I started The Cat Butler YouTube channel to help people become the best cat owner.