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Tofu Cat Litter is a natural cat litter made from soybean pulp, which is a byproduct of processing soy milk. This byproduct is usually thrown out, while the soy milk is used to make tofu. So not only is tofu cat litter eco friendly and safe for your cat, it is low tracking, clumps well, is dust free, has amazing odor control, and is easy to clean


  • Low Tracking
  • Clumps Well
  • Dust Free
  • Great Odor Control
  • Eco Friendly - biodegradable 
  • Made with Food Grade Materials - non-toxic and safe to ingest 

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Subscriptions allow us to accurately forecast how much inventory we need in order to avoid stockouts.

  • You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.
  • You can also adjust the frequency of when you receive your cat litter.
  • 2 bags lasts for 1 month for one cat

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100% Organic Canadian Pea Bean Dregs, Starch, Guar Gum

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Made in PRC

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
James Wan (Miami, US)
Lightweight, No Dust, No Stinky Smells

Using this in all my litter boxes now. It's lightweight, doesn't have a strong, perfume scent, and my cat is not offended by it. My cat who is picky about the litter has no issues with this at all.

I use to use clay and there would be tons of dust, glad this cat litter has almost no dust, and also does a good job at odor control.

Anna Whitehouse (Charlotte, US)
Great Product!

Who knew? Tofu litter is great. Lighter weight, clumps better than clay, lasts longer, doesn’t track as bad as clay, sustainably made, biodegradable not strip mined like clay. Best of all my cats like it.

Erin B (San Francisco, US)
Unbelievable clumping style!

This tofu litter rocks I have been through Feline Pine Pellets, Pretty Litter, normal litter, and another type of tofu litter. They all are no good and SO much work!
This one for me is a win. I have extremely sensitive sense of smell and this is not offensive. You can definitely smell it but it’s better than the others. Almost like a macaroon smell, and I get the unscented.
It clumps pee wonderfully and is easy to scoop out. Easy to maintain. No dust, no tracking, sourced better than most all other cat litters. My cat stopped burying **** when I switched to pine pellets, and with this tofu one she buries it sometimes versus none.
My cat is a small 9lbs, and pees twice a day and poops once a day. I have my subscription for 2 bags every 3 weeks. It’s not enough litter for my cat to make it a full 4 weeks. Gets too thin in the litter box snd the litter starts to smell of ammonia since it can’t work right.
Worth $30 every 3 weeks. Finally I am happy. Pidan rocks!!

Jennifer C. (Dallas, US)
World changed for the better with this!

Once you use this litter. You cannot go back. I have tried so many cat litter brands for my babies over the past 5 years. This is the best one. No dust, no odor, very minimal tracking (if you use a rug then no tracking on the floor at all), and rapid clumping.

The only downside is it is more expensive than the average litter.

Rebecca Greene (San Francisco, US)
Works with Self Cleaning litter box

Swapped to this for our self cleaning litter box and it's been great! We used the breeze pellet system before switching to this and the cats have done well. Both long hair and short hair cats and no issues

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