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Musse is a handmade cat toy that will interest every cat. Thanks to Musse you will spend wonderful moments with your friend. The toy consists of natural leather strap, wooden elements, natural bird feathers and faux fur. While playing, the elements set on the leather strap will perfectly absorb the cat's curiosity. 


Length: 27.6 in

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Natural leather strap, wooden elements, natural bird feathers, and faux fur

Made in Poland

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ryan Cole (New York, US)
Cats are obsessed with the toy

Out of all my cat's toys, this is their favorite. Quality construction as well, very unique from the typical pet store cat toy.

Hannah French (San Francisco, US)
Cats Wants to Play with it Everyday

I have never seen my cats so obsessed with a toy! I will definitely be buying another one.

Michael C (Albuquerque, US)
They love it

Austen and Jasper love this lovely, high quality toy. I appreciate the superb workmanship, and so far it has survived the attentions of my two very active Siamese kittens. Their Dachshund baby sister, Hildy, also enjoys it but we are sure to keep it put away when the boys are done playing in order to preserve it! Puppy is an avid chewer and appropriates many cat toys for her amusement, so we are careful with the “tier 1” cat toys like Musse!

Caroline Baker (Mountain View, US)
Toy survives my destructive cat!

Usually my cat destroys every toy I ever bought him within a few play sessions. Its usually of the cheaper variety and one time my sweet boy swallowed a piece of it that he broke off.

Had to run to the emergency room to get it removed and so after that disaster I decided to find some toys that would not break as easily. I can say after 5 months this toy is still in one piece and keeping my cat occupied

Charlotte (San Francisco, US)
Entertains my cats for hours!

Everyday after work I whip out this toy from the cabinet, and my cat immediately races over to play! Play session can go on forever if I don't end it.

Love the quality as well. Can't find toys like these at the big box stores.

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