MiaCara Piatto Cat Bowl


Whisker-friendly slow feeder cat bowl in a timeless design.


Diameter: 6.3 inches, Height: 1.2 inches

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Care Instructions:

The cat bowls are dishwasher-safe and can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. Please handle with care.

Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
James Wan (Miami, US)
Helped Get Rid of my Cat's Feline Acne

Since switching to this bowl, my cat's acne has completely disappeared! What a miracle! For years, my cat struggled with painful acne under her chin, a condition that I later discovered was caused by her previous bowls. Despite trying every solution I can think of none worked.

I found out this bowl is made out of porcelain and I believe this material and the bowl's design helped my cat. It is extremely well constructed and easy to clean. I will be buying a second one for my ragdoll I am getting next month!

Jeanne (Nashville, US)
Beautiful and effective

My new ragdoll kittens love eating off of their MiaCara bowl. It seems that they like eating off of a flatter surface than a regular bowl and it does slow them down a bit, especially our boy. It's really easy to clean as well. I did put little rubber feet on underneath for a softer landing when I set it on tile or countertops. I only got one MiaCara bowl to start with in case they didn't take to it, but I will be getting another one so they can each have their own bowl.

Jennifer C. (Dallas, US)
No more Whisker Fatigue

My cats tends to not be happy when their whiskers are touched while they eat. This bowl I bought for my cats helps to not irritate their whiskers during meal time. They have been much happier since implementing these new dishes.

Jillian King (Buffalo, US)
Love it!

So happy with the bowl. Fashionable and functional. Great service!


Cat loves this MiaCara bowl, it works great especially for the wet food, no food falls off.
So we decided to get the second bowl for the second floor ;) kitty is happy 😸
Thank you Cat Butler :)

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