Coco Cat Bed


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This elegant modern cat bed is handmade by artisans in Poland with a high quality oeko-tex cotton rope. The bottom of the cat bed also has a soft pillow that allows your cat to rest comfortably.

This modern cat bed will be a wonderful addition to the interior design of your home.


Diameter: 17.7 in
Height: 5.1 in 



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Rope: 100% OEKO-TEX cotton, Cushion: 100% polyester

Care Instructions:
Do not tumble dry or use bleach. You can dry clean, hand wash or machine wash on a delicate cycle at a max 86 °F. After washing the basket, leave it on a rack to air dry.

Cat hair can be removed with an upholstery brush.

Made in Poland

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ryan Cole (New York, US)
Cuddly and cozy kitty lounging spot

My cats love this bed and it is their favorite snuggle spot. The bed is also a handmade work of art. Love the quality.

Joe Preston (Las Vegas, US)
Cat Loves To Nap in the Bed

I take the cat bed throughout the house, the living room, the bedroom and my cat loves napping in it.

Hannah French (San Francisco, US)
Purrfect Bed

Our kitty, took his new bed in seconds. He curls up all the time and enjoys it so much. Perfect!

Anna Chen (Rockville, US)
Amazed by the Quality

When you buy a cat bed from the pet store, usually it's made of pretty cheap quality and my cat doesn't use it. So I was surprised to find my cat jumped into bed after setting it up. She regularly uses it and the quality feels luxurious.

Caroline Baker (Mountain View, US)
My cat won't stop sleeping in this bed

Like many cats, mine is known for ignoring anything actually purchased for him and will use boxes, the laundry, and etc as a bed instead. It has taken him up to a full year to use similar products previously, so while I loved the aesthetic and size of the bed I didn't have the highest expectations for use. Biscuit used this within an HOUR of opening and I was in shock!

This quickly became a favorite - he fits perfectly and I can tell he likes the texture of the material. I Highly recommend!

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