Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Bonito Flakes

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Used extensively in Japanese cuisine and seen in high-end restaurants, Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Bonito Flakes is a high quality single ingredient cat treat made from wild-caught bonito. Bonito is a bony fish that hails from the tuna family. It is a human grade product that is free of grains and fillers. Absolutely nothing has been introduced into the fish to compromise its purity. It is low in fat, calories and carbohydrates so it won’t contribute to weight gain like biscuits and other high calorie treats. There are approximately 90 calories in ONE OUNCE of bonito. 

These scrumptious flakes are a healthy daily snack. They can be served as a treat or can be sprinkled atop your cat’s food as a meal topper to encourage your cat to eat.  

  • High in protein but low in calories with minimal fat content
  • Single ingredient treat made from wild-caught bonito
  • All-natural healthy meal additive or delicious treat with no additives or preservatives
  • Contains essential nutrient Taurine that protects cats from serious eye maladies
  • Natural fish oils keep fur shiny and beautiful

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Made in Japan

Customer Reviews

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Aline de Souza (Lynchburg, US)
Cat doesn't like treats in general

I'm cat-sitting for a friend, who is traveling. I'm very happy that the cat is staying in my house. She is adorable and she's been here for more than a month. It's very important to brush her because of her long fur. I was using squeezable treats as reward and as a way of bribing her to let me brush her better, but she got tired of them. Then I heard about the bonito flakes and I thought she would like those, at least for a while, but she didn't. It's important to note that my friend said I could give any treats I wanted to her cat, which is why I experimented and tried different treats. She doesn't normally have treats. She also doesn't have toys or scratch pads in her house. I got her toys and scratch pads, which she loves, but with the treats it's not working. I don't think this is a bad product. It seems to be very high quality. It's just that this cat doesn't seem to like treats.

John Gibson (Miami, US)
Cat is obsessed

My tortie absolutely loved this stuff. My cat is picky and sometimes its hard to get her to eat her food. She chirps and purrs whenever I top her food with the flakes and she proceeds to devour everything!

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